Michael Mahoney


Michael Mahoney is the Co-Founder and COO of Pace Glass Inc. His exceptional leadership capabilities with strong technical knowledge of all facets of the glass recycling industry make him a key component of the Pace Glass Team. Michael owned and operated a glass recycling company in Ireland in the 90’s providing cullet to two of the top glass container recycling companies, Irish Glass and the Quinn Group. He has now taken his European knowledge of the industry and is applying it to the US Recycling Industry. Michael aims to get the US recycling system to a technological standard that can be compared to the Europeans which in return will decrease the amount of glass in US landfills. Michael also has an extensive background in the multi-story building market in New York City. He has managed projects for Fortune 500 companies ranging in scope from 30 to 60 million dollars. His construction experience shows his team leadership skills with experience cultivating teams, developing talent and creating effective training programs when necessary.