Recyclables are collected by Pace from towns, municipalities, and individuals. Most curbside community recycling programs accept different glass colors and types mixed together, and then glass is sorted at the recovery facility


After collecting recyclables, most glass is separated from the other waste products at the municipalities MRF's (Materials Recovery Facility) which is then shipped to Pace Glass' own MRF to begin processing.


Glass is now once again separated from some residuals products that municipalities cant separate and processing begins by cleaning and crushing the glass that comes into the plant in the form of Cullet - Crushed glass ready to be color sorted.


The end result is called "cullet", which consists of small glass pieces, ready to be sold to manufacturers to be used to make new glass products. This glass material is optically sorted and separated by color: flint, green and brown.


Pace Glass Inc. has thrived in efficiently processing recyclable glass products into highly refined cullet, which is then re-melted back into common consumer and industrial products. By diverting glass waste from landfills and back into the market, our clients are able to effectively reduce their carbon footprint by using 100% recyclable materials. As an energy consciousness company, our goal is to recover, process and reuse every shard of glass available and in doing so, create a greener tomorrow